We are a home of extravagant welcome

Celebrating 10 years Open and Affirming

Who we are

We are Church of Christ Congregational, an Open and Affirming Church of the UCC.

We are a welcoming, seeking, serving, loving collection of folks from many faith backgrounds.

What we do

We serve our community and beyond, building the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Food pantry, clothes closet, community dinners, wellness events, mission trips and work camps, fellowship and small group events.

Where we live

We are located in Norfolk, CT in the Northwest Corner of the state.

With Torrington to the South, Winsted to the East and Canaan to the West, Norfolk is a beautiful, peaceful and friendly place to live, even if it is known as the ”Icebox of Connecticut.”


CHOIR has resumed after a summer break. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings in the Chapel at 7:15 PM. We welcome singers who would enjoy being a part of this collective endeavor. Singing has been proven to be good for one’s mental and physical health. We strive to support one another as we stretch our musical skills and prepare music that enhances our worship services.


Join us in person or via live stream

Opportunities for Service and Giving

Support our missions! Learn more here.


See what’s happening!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to follow Christ and to keep him at the center of our lives. We aspire to strengthen our identity as a home of extravagant welcome where friends and strangers alike encounter God’s love.

Open & Affirming

We welcome and affirm the value of all of God’s children.


We are a community of seekers of all ages. We’re not interested in washing your brain. We’d rather engage it and hear from you about your beliefs, struggles, joys.


We take care of others, living our faith. Through our Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Minister’s Discretionary Fund, Work Camps, and weekly Light of Service, we seek to make a positive impact on others, particularly those in need.


We strive to express God’s love with joy. Join us any Sunday at 10 AM to find out just what this means: music, prayer, support, preaching, fellowship –and more.

“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Please walk through our doors and give yourself the gift of discovering that you belong here.
May you find a faith that works; may you know God’s love!

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